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200 Hours Foundational Training and  300 Hours Advanced Program
Both approved by Yoga Alliance - Both starting early 2019!!

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Are your ready?  Ready to apply Yoga's ancient teachings to today's modern world - both on and off of the mat?
Ready to elevate all areas of your life? Ready to  learn to lead and serve the world? Or maybe you have been through a basic 200 hour program
and you are ready to take your teaching from Good to Great! Make plans to join us in our next session!

For an application and catalog - text us  @ 337-288-1570 or write us @  info@acadianayoga.com

2oo Hour Program specifics:

March 9, 2019 through September 8, 2019 including  25 Wednesdays from 7PM to 10PM; and
7 Weekends - Sat  from 8AM to 6PM & Sun from Noon to 6PM -
3/9 & 3/10; 4/6 & 4/7; 5/4 & 5/5; 6/1 & 6/2; 7/6 & 7/7; 8/10 & 8/11; 9/7 & 9/8


"This yoga teacher training ultimately has and will continue to help me find my voice and be comfortable speaking and sharing my truth." - graduate, LJ


"I started this journey with the intention of deepening my practice and learning more so I could share with others. What I didn't realize was how profoundly it would change the way I approach everything in my life. I am grateful for your no nonsense approach to teaching. Your tough love and encouragement helped me to push through when I felt I had taken on more than I could handle." - graduate, CM


"I'm so grateful I made the decision to go through this training. I wanted to learn everything I could about Yoga, and I got so much more! The benefits continue to reveal themselves. Every time I teach I am reminded of how much I learned in Jerry's training." - graduate, KL


 Acadiana Yoga and Wellness offers an extensive, comprehensive, and enriching Yoga training program tailored to both aspiring teachers and serious students of all levels. Whether you seek to deepen your individual practice or learn the art of teaching with integrity and grace, this program and its teachers provide the sacred space, wisdom, and support necessary for you to blossom and grow along your own unique Yogic path.

Each student expands his or her Yogic knowledge through intensive personal study, hands-on experience, and practical application. The curriculum was developed to explore Yoga’s vast richness, including: applied anatomy and physiology as related to asana study and teaching methodology, philosophy, lifestyle, ethics, and principles of becoming and living as a Yoga teacher and lifelong student. With the emphasis on alignment-inspired asana, this 200 hour training prepares you to take the seat of the teacher and to lead students safely through a practice complete with yoga philosophy, properly sequenced asana, pranayama, chanting and meditation.

In this Teacher Training you will learn how to...
Create and hold a sacred space.
Cultivate confidence and authenticity in your teaching voice.
Plan smart sequences for a variety of levels/types of classes.
Instruct using healthy biomechanical alignment principles.
Develop and deliver themes that inspire.
Introduce Pranayama breath work and meditation.
Observe common misalignments in students.
Give effect physical and verbal adjustments and offer beneficial modifications
Incorporate key yogic philosophies in your classes.
Teach Yoga with effective clarity.


The founder, Jerry Smith-Guidry, has worked in the yogic arts since 1990. She was designated as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (500 hour level). She is the lead faculty member of the Acadiana Yoga and Wellness LLC teacher training certification course. This course meets and exceeds the requirements for the Yoga Alliance National Certification 200RYT. Expect change and growth! We are excited to be part of your unique Yogic journey. Namasté!



Upon graduation, you will qualify for the Yoga Alliance RYT200 registration.


Requirements for Admission to our Program

There is a process whereby the student will visit with Jerry (in person or on the phone) after completing the application form. Once you are accepted you will pay a $500 non-refundable deposit or the discounted early bird price to hold your space.  Your tuition includes unlimited classes with Jerry while in school.

  1. Completed application & deposit, or entire fee, are required before training begins.
  2. Each application will be evaluated on an individual basis.
  3. Knowledge of the poses, and average physical stamina necessary for integration of information.
  4. A minimum of 6 months of regular practice and public study is recommended.
  5. It is not required that you desire to become a teacher through this program. Any student looking for a deeper motivation to learn and grow in their practice is a welcome addition to the group.


Practice Requirements


You will be encouraged to practice yoga on a daily basis. Your Asana, Pranayama, and attention to the Yamas and Niyamas is very important.
Along with a daily practice, and a weekly public class, you will observe or assist several of Jerry's classes.


Homework and Reading Assignments


There is a required reading list, and each student is expected to write 2 reports.
These include-

  1. Jivamukti Yoga by Sharon Gannon and David Life
  2. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (any version)
  3. Yoga-The Spirit of Moving Into Stillness by Erich Schiffmann
  4. Anatomy and Yoga by Ellen Saltonstall

Requirements for Certification

  1. Attendance of all dates and trainings.
  2. Attendance of weekly public classes.
  3. Observation or assistance in assigned public classes.
  4. Completion of all homework assignments in a timely manner.

    300 Hour Advanced Program Specifics:

    January 11, 2019 through December 8, 2019 - 12 full Weekends + 2 Days assisting 200 YTT

    Fridays 5PM to 9PM; Saturdays 8AM to 7PM; Sundays 9AM to 6PM
    Jan 11- 13; Feb 15- 17; March 15 -17; April 12- 14; May 10 -12;
    June 7 -9; July 12 -14; Aug 16 -18; Sept 13- 15; Oct 18-20; Nov 15-17; Dec 6-8

    If you’ve graduated from any 200hr yoga teacher training, this is your chance to further develop your practice in yoga — and in life. Our 300hr yoga teacher training is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will serve you whether or not you ever choose to teach.  Transform your life — enroll today.


    The Advanced Teacher Training program offers an additional 300 hours which builds on any 200 hour Foundational Training. It is designed for those wishing to continue their studies and gain the level of 500 RYT. You may have taken your 200 hour training from any Yoga Alliance 200 hour Registered Yoga School.

    This more comprehensive phase of the training offers a more in-depth study and presents a broader view of the yoga tradition. It provides the experience, knowledge and confidence to establish a career as a yoga teacher, expand teaching opportunities and live a life inspired by one's own personal practice.
    Your faculty for this advanced training will include: Jerry Smith-Guidry, E-RYT 500, Parvathi Akkaraju, RYT 500, Shannon Sonnier, AYS, E-RYT 200.

    Examples of topics include:

    Ayurveda - Foundations, used in self-care, and used in teaching Yoga
    Advanced Pranayama techniques - for practice and for teaching
    Creating thematic classes to address different populations, settings and styles
    Refining the Art of Sequencing
    Cultivating the Art of Assisting - verbal and hands on techniques
    Facilitating participant centered individual sessions
    Dialogue to enhance the body/mind consciousness
    Creative adaptation for special needs practice
    How to use interactive communication tools
    Mythological figures such as Krisha, Hanuman, Ganesh, avatars of Vishnu - as another method of weaving themes into classes
    Sanskrit - terms - meanings and pronunciations
    Teaching methods for various meditation techniques
    Body mechanics - precautions and contraindications
    Common conditions and symptoms
    Chakras and subtle body anatomy
    Using chanting and mantra to deepen the practice

    Required Reading

    Yoga, Path to Holistic Health by BKS Iyengar
    Jivamukti Yoga by Sharon Gannon and David Life
    Anatomy and Yoga by Ellen Saltonstall
    Yoga Sutras by Patanjali (student choice of translation)
    Ayurveda: The Science of Self-Healing by Dr. Vasant Lad
    Yoga & Ayurveda: Self-Healing and Self-Realization by David Frawley

    Upon graduation from the 300 Advanced Yoga Teacher training - you will qualify for the
    Yoga Alliance 500 RYT designation.


Cost and Enrollment


200 Hour Program - $3200 if payment plan is utlitized. 
$300 discount is applied if the entire payment is made by August 1, 2018. (Price = $2900)

300 Hour Program - $4500 if payment plan is utilized.   
$500 discount is applied if the entire payment is made by January 1, 2019. (Price = $4000)

 Your teacher training manual is paid for with your tuition; the above reading material is not. These are standard yoga texts that you may already own and will serve as reference guides for the training. You will need to bring your yoga mat and manual at every training.


Learn to Teach Yoga Fearlessly!




Begin Your Journey Today!

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