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Just getting started?

You might be eligible for our $30 for 30 days package!
Must be new to our studio and a resident of Lafayette parish.
Must be purchased in the studio (no online option) on your 1st visit – good for 30 days/unlimited pass.
(*If you sign up for your 2nd month of unlimited- we credit that $30 & you pay $55 instead of $85
for 30 more days!)*Good for New to the Studio Special Clients, only. Must be purchased in the studio.


Special 1 Month Unlimited Pricing ($59!) for Baby Boomers (60+ yrs old)

Lafayette Area Residents Only. Bring your valid ID and sign up at the studio! (no online option)

Here are some helpful tips for classes. Please bring your mat. If you don't have 1, you may purchase or rent 1 from us.

Please leave shoes at the front of the studio area due to sanitary reasons.
If you have any physical limitations or injuries, please let the teacher know. We can help you modify poses and assist you with the use of props.

Please refrain from wearing perfume or any other fragrances.

The following guidelines will help you reduce your risk of injury:

  • Listen to instructions carefully
  • Breathe smoothly and continuously
  • Do not strain to attain any position
  • If you experience pain or discomfort adjust the posture and ask for support from the teacher.
  • Work gently, respecting your body
  • Don’t perform postures or movements that are painful
  • Ask the teacher if you are unsure how to perform a certain posture
  • Pregnant women must consult their health care provider before enrolling in class
  • Classes should be done on a near empty stomach. You should have nutrition in your system, but not eat a meal 2 hours prior to class or a snack 1 hour prior to class.
  • Please come to class hydrated. Drink plenty of water before and after class.  Feel free to bring a sealed bottle of room temperature water into class with you in case you need it. Please do not bring cold, sweating water into class as it damages the floors.
  • Wear comfortable clothing that you can move in-- not too tight, not too loose .
  • Do not wear lotions or creams on your hands and feet as they can cause you to slip and lose your grip.
  • Please bring a mat and any other props that you find helpful. Mats and props may be purchased here or from other sources. There is a limited supply of mats that may be rented and props available for use at the studio.
  • Do your best to be on time. Coming in late is a distraction to the class, but it is understood that there are times when it cannot be helped.