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Denise Meriwether

I have been practicing yoga since 2010. I am a certified yoga teacher and received my 200-hour yoga teacher training from Jerry Smith-Guidry at Acadiana Yoga and Wellness. I also completed the Pilates Mat 101 Certification there.

I have had wonderful yoga teachers; a few of them are Pamela Reed Gagen, Shannon Sonnier, Bindu Patel, Anna Beggs and Neil Gresham.
I love meeting new people & want to share my knowledge. I like to teach classes that anyone could join. These include Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Tapping, and Chi Gong.

Denise Meriwether instructs the following:
  • Compassionate Yoga
  • By increasing feelings of compassion toward ourselves and others, we become kinder toward others, and we are less critical and more accepting. Practicing compassion also activates the areas of the brain responsible for healing and calmness. We will use guided expansive breath work, self massage, moving slowly into postures and pausing and settling. Balancing and focusing. Inspirational thoughts for each class to lift your spirits. Anyone can do this yoga!

  • Sunrise Yoga
  • Sunrise yoga to start your day! 5 minute meditation to center your thoughts and become aware of your breath. Warm up with half sun salutations, chest and hip openers, balancing, and 10 minutes of restoring. All Levels.

  • Gentle Flow Yoga
  • All Levels – A slow meditation in motion class. This class is for anybody in any stage of life or yoga practice - young, old, stiff, limber or sore. You will breathe and relax while you strengthen and lengthen the body. Develop sensitivity and awareness at a more contemplative pace. Learn to have more compassion toward yourself and others.