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Staff Teacher

Staff Teacher instructs the following:
  • Clinical Somatics Education Series
  • Clinical Somatic Education - A new discipline in the field of healthcare - is a movement technique that can teach you how to rapidly gain control your own physiology. This is a fantastic discovery that can put you in control of your own physical healing in 80% of cases of what ails humans. This gentle technique can eradicate pain, improve posture, and restore health in an amazingly short time.

    By releasing chronically shortened, restricted, tight muscles, many chronic conditions (i.e. back pain, shoulder problems, knee problems, high blood pressure, heart problems, restricted movement, disc problems and many more) can be relatively quickly alleviated.

    This new technique, invented by Thomas Hanna, when practiced regularly, can lead to more freedom of movement and a healthy pain-free younger looking YOU. This marks a GIANT LEAP in our understanding of our innate healing powers. Now we have the understanding and the tools to create fast, direct and powerful changes in our movements, range of motion , postural alignment, coordination and bodily functional efficiency . Learning the simple movements of somatics can place in your hand the wonderful KEY that can change your brain/body holistically and systemically.

    Experience a remarkable new (and easy to do!) exercise class. Through simple, slow movements, restore your body to its optimal efficiency. Tight, shortened muscles are released to their original, more comfortable length. Improved posture results, and the body is brought back into its correct alignment and balance.
    Investment is $84 for all 6 classes.

    For more information about somatics - go to:

    Mary Ann Voorhies is a Certified Somatics Instructor whose purpose is to show others just how powerful the practice of Hanna Somatics can be. She is also a certified yoga instructor and a certified linguistic ontological coach. She has traveled extensively throughout the world to attend various spiritual workshops. She has also several certifications in energy medicine.