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Shannon Sonnier

Shannon Sonnier, a native of Acadiana , is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher. After experiencing yoga’s powerful healing effects she knew it was part of her life’s journey to share this ancient practice with others. Wanting to broaden her understanding, Shannon attended a teacher training course at Yoga Island in Flower Mound, Texas.

In June, 2007, shortly after completing her teacher training, she decided to leap into teaching yoga full time. Shannon is grateful and excited to share her knowledge and experience with anyone who is interested. She is constantly adding to her knowledge through self study and attending workshops. For Shannon, yoga is a practice that is to be lived not something that we just do in a classroom. She also practices reiki, another healing art form, and holds a B.A. in Liberal Arts from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette.

Shannon Sonnier instructs the following:
  • Gentle Yoga
  • All levels- a mindful practice to start the day. Overall releasing and strengthening at a gentle pace will help you feel awake and centered for your day. The focus is on alignment and building our practice from the ground up.

  • Balance and Stretch
  • All levels- a class designed to help you connect to the body through gentle stretching and balance poses. The focus is on proprioception (ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium) and strengthening our key muscles to help us find balance.

  • Essential Flow
  • All Levels –This is a moderate paced class that integrates the whole body in an accessible series of postures. You will learn the foundations of moving fluidly through traditional yoga postures including standing, seated, inversions, spinal twists, hip and hamstring openers, and abdominal strengtheners with special emphasis on the breath.

  • Power Flow
  • A well balanced and challenging flow based asana practice with emphasis on sequencing and connection of poses. Yogic philosophy, devotion, and meditation are part of each class

  • Core Yoga
  • Looking for a workout and a yoga class, this is it. The focus is on connecting to our core through specific exercises designed to target those muscles creatively mixed in with an intelligent sequence of postures. As we connect to our physical core we connect to the core of our being establishing balance and power to support us in our life.

  • Chakra Balancing Restorative Yoga
  • Open to All Levels - No Yoga Experience Needed.

    Chakras are energy centers that align with our physical body. Any experience we have, in the form of information, gets recorded into one of the seven main chakras.

    The chakras have a direct effect on our physical being. During this restorative practice you will be guided through poses that raise our energy and balance each chakra. You will be encouraged to release information specific to each chakra that no longer serves you. All poses are done with the use of props to allow our bodies to fully release and restore.
    Fee is $20. Preregistration is recommended as space is limited.