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Jerry Smith-Guidry

“A teacher must do more than be of service to the students who come to them. A great teacher finds joy and personal inspiration in every opportunity that the practice offers. Jerry is one such great teacher.”

Sharon Gannon
Co-Founder, Jivamukti Yoga School
Author, Jivamukti Yoga: Practices for Liberating Body and Soul

“Jerry is an excellent teacher who embodies /teaches/conveys a wholistic understanding of what’s really meant by the word ‘yoga’.”

Erich Schiffmann,Yoga Master, Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving Into Stillness

Jerry’s interest in the connection between the mind and the body began while she was an undergraduate student at the University of Southwestern Louisiana. While there, she received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Jerry went on to receive a Master of Science in Psychology and Applied Physiology from Meridian University.


Jerry also received a Master of Metaphysical Science degree from the University of Metaphysics.

Invested in the power of touch, Jerry is a state licensed and nationally certified Massage Therapist. She received additional certifications in Prenatal and Infant Massage, as well as, Neuromuscular Therapy.

 She obtained certification to teach from Jivamukti Yoga School and the White Lotus Yoga Foundation, as well as being an inspired Anusara Yoga instructor. She is also an Experienced Registered Yoga Instructor at the 500 hour level (E-RYT500) with the Yoga Alliance, which means that she is able to train other yoga teachers. Her Pilates training is from the Physical Mind Institute, where she received certification as a Pilates Mat Instructor and a Pilates Equipment Instructor.

In all things, Jerry looks to combine the spiritual with the physical. She is an ordained minister of World Congregational Fellowship Church and affiliated with the International Metaphysical Ministry. Her goal is to teach people to come into conscious realization of the divinity within, and the unity of God and man.



Jerry Smith-Guidry instructs the following:
  • Pilates Mat
  • Everyone is welcome to experience the perfect compliment to athletic training or rehab. Pilates flattens ab muscles, yields longer, leaner muscles, balances strength with flexibility, and relieves stress and tension. It is highly recommended that a student take a private Pilates equipment session with Jerry before joining Pilates mat classes.

  • Align & Refine Yoga
  • Uses the Anusara Yoga Universal Principles of Alignment, and is suitable for all levels. The non-dual Tantric philosophy is applied with emphasis on the celebration of life. This is an “inspired” Anusara Yoga Class that honors each student’s abilities & limitations. Open to ALL Levels

  • Gentle Flow Yoga
  • All Levels – A slow meditation in motion class. This class is for anybody in any stage of life or yoga practice – young, old, stiff, limber, or sore. You will breathe and relax while you strengthen and lengthen the body. Develop sensitivity and awareness at a more contemplative pace

  • Power Flow
  • A well balanced and challenging flow based asana practice with emphasis on sequencing and connection of poses. Yogic philosophy, devotion, and meditation are part of each class.

  • Beginner Yoga
  • A well balanced, but slower paced class. Great for beginners as well as more seasoned practitioners who want to go deeper. Loads of instruction and alignment cues to help you know where to stay safe, while experiencing the most benefits. Open To ALL levels.

  • Jivamukti Yoga
  • (gee-va-mook-tee) “liberation while living” – challenging vinyasa Hatha Yoga class that aligns the breath, intention, and movement. Every class includes scriptural study, devotion, nonviolence, uplifting music and meditation.

  • Teacher Training-Weekends
  • Nationally Registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
    Fall Session 2017 - Wednesday evenings and every other Weekend
    (Wednesdays - 7PM to 10PM; every other weekend
    Saturdays - 9AM to 6PM; Sundays - Noon to 5PM)
    Go to teacher training tab for all the details

    Saturday, August 12 through Sunday, December 17,2017

    “For those who have an intense urge for Spirit and wisdom, it sits near them, waiting." -Yoga Sutras, (I,21)

    The Acadiana Yoga and Wellness Teacher Training Program gives a student a safe and thorough experience in many of the deeper practices of Hatha Yoga, not just in Asana.

    You will learn breathing and meditation practices, and explore the philosophical and historical views underlying yoga practice. This broad-based teacher training reveals both Yoga’s ancient roots, and its modern applications.

    Led by Jerry Smith-Guidry, Lafayette’s first E-RYT 500, with over 27 years teaching Yoga.

    For more details, go to our Teacher Training tab on our home page.
    Call or write today for your catalog and application!
    337-288-1570 or info@acadianayoga.com

  • FREE (donation) Sacred Chanting/ Movement/Fundraiser
  • Let your heart overflow with love - discover a deeper relationship to the divine through bhakti (devotional) yoga and karma (service to others) yoga - donating to the betterment of the lives of our animal & people friends affected by the recent hurricanes.

    We will have a gentle yoga class - open to ALL levels - bring your mat if you have one. Then we will have chanting. Join in or just listen. Both will be led by Jerry, founder of Acadiana Yoga and Wellness. 

    All are encouraged to bring a donation (cash is preferred) to go to one of the hurricane rescue groups. Admission is FREE, and singing is optional.