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About Us

“One Truth, Many Paths” is the central philosophy behind Acadiana Yoga and Wellness. Whether enjoying a yoga class, a Pilates equipment session, or a relaxing massage, all of our clients will feel their bodies becoming more energized and their minds becoming calmer. Incorporating a blend of many influences, we encourage those who share this space to remember who they really are. We honor each student’s unique abilities and limitations. We are your Center for Yoga in Lafayette! The vision of Acadiana Yoga and Wellness is to offer a place of health, happiness, and fellowship to our community. Our intention is to serve the surrounding area by helping cultivate and uphold the highest standards in our teachings & our practices. Our founder, Jerry Smith-Guidry, began her journey in 1990 as a massage therapist and yoga instructor because she wanted to help others achieve greater integration of the mind, body and spirit. In 2008, Acadiana Yoga and Wellness LLC ‘s Yoga Teacher Training program was approved by the Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga School.

Acadiana Yoga & Wellness

913 Harding Street
Lafayette, LA 70503

913 Harding St., Lafayette LA 70503 Nestled in Lafayette’s historic “Oil Center”, Acadiana Yoga and Wellness has a "local neighborhood" feeling. It is conveniently located near the corner of Harding Street and Oil Center Drive, just one street away from ULL’s campus.